Naptech Testimonials

What do our customer have to say about us?

"We were very impressed with your service. We will look to Naptech first for reconditioned test equipment."
-Matthew H., Pennsylvania


"I am very impressed with Naptech. I had a bad incident with another company. I didn't get everything with the unit I expected. But I was really happy when I received the equipment from Naptech. Everything was there that I expected--probably even more than I expected. And it was refurbished nicely."
-Cole H., Kansas


"We heard of Naptech from a lab who already had one of your refurbished units. They thought highly of Naptech."
-Dr. T., Florida


"You are very good about honoring your warranty, and we really liked the walnuts you sent with the equipment. Nice little touch."
-Bill C., Florida


"The sales rep got back to me with the information I needed within a couple of hours."
-Jerry H., Florida


"Your Prices are outstanding! The products are perfect--better than I imagined. we were expecting used equipment--missing knobs, dinged up--but we got some really excellent equipment from you guys. We're very, very happy."
-David M., New York


"The unit I received was clean, in good shape. There was no dust inside or out. It looks like it's three years old, but I can't tell that anybody's ever used it!"
-Ken G., California


"We're pretty savvy. We shop around a lot. We're a calibration the equipment we get has to be good! We'll be doing more business with you. So to get the follow up business from us you have to be good."
-Mitch M., California


"Naptech is professional. I wish our company dealt with their customers as you do. You are a role model for others is the industry."
-Mitch M., California


"Your service was very prompt, and information about the products was readily available. You faxed us a spec sheet the very same day we requested information. Other companies don't have the information or care."
-Matthew H., Pennsylvania


"You don't have to go much further to improve your service to us. We can't ask for anything more than that; the price was good and the equipment worked well."
-Jack P., Oklahoma


"I'm very satisfied. The unit we got from you (1 and a half years ago) still works fine."
-Merlin M., Texas


"The equipment has worked great! (Purchased almost 2 years ago.) I'll remember you guys!"
-Chris G., Texas